No Brand Name Nubus EtherNet Board BD-056

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No Brand Name Nubus EtherNet Board BD-056

I've got a BD-056 REV B nubus ethernet board with no brand name on it and no drivers.
It uses a SMSC or SMC chip like the Asante or Farallon Fast Nubus boards do.
If anyone else comes across one of these boards here's some tips.

I used tattletech to obtain the vendor name and Board ID.
The Board ID is 1735 and the vendor is "Fast Series".
I searched for a mac driver but couldn't find one so I tried using the Asante Fast Nubus
driver afnubus1_0.sea which is still available from the Asante site and it works with System
7 but it needs the Asante resource number changed to 1735 in the enet resource
contained in the System File.
After installing the Asante Fast Nubus Driver open the System File that's in the System
Folder using Super ResEdit and open the enet resource and you will see a resource with a
17XX number and with the name "10/11/95 10:59:03 AM".
Change the 17XX resource number to 1735 (to match the BD-056 Board ID) using Super
ResEdit and then save the System File and Reboot.
Then load the driver using the Network Control Panel by choosing EtherTalk.
Works great.

For Unix if any driver works with the Asante SMC or SMSC LAN91C100FD FEAST FD based
chip it should work with the BD-056 Fast Series Nubus card as well.

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Nubus EtherNet Board BD-056

These cards are from Sonic Systems, or at least the drivers for the Sonic Systems Fast Ethernet controller work with these cards right off the disk. The regular 10Base-T drivers do not work, only the 10/100 Fast Ethernet drivers for NuBus. If you need drivers, send me a message through applefritter.

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