eBay: FS: Powerbook 5300cs / Color Classic Case Mod unique FREE shipping

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eBay: FS: Powerbook 5300cs / Color Classic Case Mod unique FREE shipping

I am a "light" modder. I've made a couple of Takky Color classics. Here's a mac that's been around a while. If you are the buyer, let me know you saw this post on Applefritter and I'll ship it for free.
(and if you see a mistake, please let me know!)


This is essentially a powerbook 5300cs squeezed into the hollowed-out case of a Color Classic
Once a project machine, now older and out of its prime, more like an object d' art or collector's nostalgia piece. Not as fancy as an AppleFritter mod, it's still pretty cool.

Case parts are taped down with RED duct tape or fastened in with silver glitter hot glue.

The LCD is a little bigger than the opening of the screen so it site about 1 1/4" recessed from the front bezel

SPECS: Powerbook 5300 cs "guts"
24MB RAM (upgradable)
500MB Hard drive
100MHz 603e PowerPC CPU
640 x 480 LCD

Ethernet by way of a PC Ethernet card. (you could technically put a wireless PC card in this CPU.
Ports on the back are routed by way of cabling
Current cables are for Ethernet and ADB keyboard.
Removing the back would give you access to the microphone and speaker/headphone port, the serial port and the 30 pin Powerbook SCSI port.

Case ribbons were reinforced with red tape to prevent tugging and tearing.

Other items:
Comes with rare keyboard. Buttons are recessed (Apple ][ style) and ADB cable
Comes with an ALPS Glidepoint ADB Trackpad pointing device
ships with power cord

Ships with Over-padded Targus Computer carrying case
pockets all over
velcro handle, zippered top and interlocking long side pocket for keyboard

Simple Project add-ons
You could add a huge hard drive
you could max out the RAM
you could upgrade the OS to 8.6 or 9.2
you could replace the PC ethernet with a wireless card (lucent)

ITEMS this does not have:
No laptop battery
No floppy drive
No CD-ROM (although an external could be added using SCSI.

NOTE: some of the photos have unusual tint or a moire pattern. These are artifacts of the camera and not of the item. The screen is indeed regularly expected colors