iBook 333mhz Graphite?

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iBook 333mhz Graphite?

I have a guy wanting to trade me an iBook that has a G3 333mhz and is Graphite in color. Did such an iBook exist or this someone's project? Thanks for any help.

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According to http://apple-his

According to http://apple-history.com/ the iBook SE Graphite was a 366Mhz
The first iBooks were 300Mhz, however i dont see anything about a Graphite colored one.

Maybe it is a iBook SE with a replaced CPU?

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I dont think there WAS a 333M

I dont think there WAS a 333Mhz G3 clamshell. I think it went from 300Mhz to 366Mhz, and then there was that 466Mhz that was the SE and was Graphite.

If your iBook has a firewire port, you have a 366Mhz iBook. If there is no firewire port, you have a 300Mhz iBook. I have both, and one parts 300Mhz iBook.

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