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ibook glue

another clear ibook to come, woohoo, no one really cares. i just got a 700mhz ibook that i sucsessfully repaired (temporarily) the gpu issue on that i am not beginning to mod. first off is the clear case, but i wanted to know what glue might be best for reassembling the snaps and apple logo. i have elmer's, but i fear it may be too weak as time and abuse goes on. therefore, super glue makes sense, but i fear that may be too strong in case i ever wanted to remove the logo and snaps (particularly from the top) to do painting. and opinions on good glue.

and another though i just had. with how i used a metal shim along with felt pads to hold ghe gpu down, any ideas on something that might look better with the bottom clear after removing the heat shield?

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When it comes to...

ibooks, I've always used rubber cement after I've cleared the white paint. If you let it set up properly it'll hold very tightly, but still come apart without harming the plastics if you want to take it apart again later.

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