iTunes on Windows help please!

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iTunes on Windows help please!

Well, I believe I have done something awful and I hope someone out there can help! I found something in a post from last year where you all were talking about iTunes in windows, but wasn't sure if this was something the forum usually talked about. If no one can help, I understand. If you can, it would make my life much easier.

I am currently moving my music from a laptop to an external HD. My music was originally stored not in the iTunes music folder, but just in my My Music folder (and organized the way I wanted it to be). However, in reading about how to get iTunes to recognize music on an external HD, I changed the iTunes settings so it recognized the My Music folder on the external HD. In doing so, however, iTunes wanted to make my library more to its liking (I can't remember exactly what it asked to do) and so I went ahead and let it do that. Big mistake, apparently, as now the My Music folder is organized with folders as iTunes saw fit. For example, I have hundreds of songs that are just one song of one artist off one album. iTunes put each song in a separate folder by artist. Now, I am interested in putting these songs into a folder called "other" or something like that (as I originally had it), but that will cause iTunes to not recognize the path. Any clue how to rearrange my folders and not have to locate each song file when I play the hundreds of individual songs that would be newly relocated?

I would appreciate any help you all might have for me!
Thanks so much. I'm desperate.