happy new year

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happy new year

just incase it has not all ready been said happy new year
from me to all you fine applefritter users


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Happy new year to anyone on t

Happy new year to anyone on the east coast! And in 1, 2, or 3 hours, to everyone else!

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Happy New Year!

Happy wishes from Texas!

May your days be sunny, but have access to shade
May your nights be cool, but have someone warm to snuggle
May your computers never panic
May your RAM keep on rammin'

May you have what you want. And if you cannot have what you want, at least have what you need. And if you cannot have what you need, beat someone until you get it.


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happy new to all you 'Fritter

happy new to all you 'Fritter Critters!!!

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Happy New... Pretty Much Everything Really...

New job.
New digs.
New books.
New clothes.
New life.
2007 is going to be a heckuva lot better than '06...

Have a happy!

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Just chiming in here from the

Just chiming in here from the East Coast, a little late i am though Biggrin

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