WTB: clamshell ibook parts + epson 740i faceplate

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WTB: clamshell ibook parts + epson 740i faceplate

I'm looking for the following:

> Tangerine or blueberry clamshell iBook keyboard (or others if neither of these colors turns up)
> Blueberry iBook CD-ROM bezel
> AC adapter compatible with clamshell (doesn't need to be the yo-yo one)

> Tangerine cover for Epson 740i color inkjet printer - I have the original blueberry/bondi blue cover and am willing to trade
> POSSIBLY a clamshell iBook LCD (the Samsung one)
> Western Ridge Designs tangerine iBook case
> Retail OS 9 CDs or clamshell iBook restore CDs
> Clamshell iBook packaging (shipping box, foam inserts, accessories box, user manuals), preferably for tangerine or blueberry iBook

The first three things I really need in order to finish assembling a blueberry iBook for resale. The other stuff I'd like but isn't crucial or anything. I'm looking for lower prices than eBay...I'm trying not to spend too much more money on this stuff. Smile I'm willing to trade if I have something someone else might want - just ask!

My eBay account is Shifuimam - let me know if there's a way I can prove the account is mine.