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Dannie Lynn Hope Smith

I wanted to be the first to go on record stating that I, unequivocally, am NOT the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannie Lynn Hope.

So there....

One down, 3 billion to go. Get in line for your cheek swabs, gents...

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T'is not i, either.

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After some worry ...

I managed to go through my calendars, and can safely say that I am not the father either.

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Neither am I

I took the test months ago. however, last time I saw Anna Nicole last week, I smacked her. have'nt seen her since...

-digital Wink

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Ignore those rumors... I was not with her around the night of 13 January 2006... maybe near her... a couple thousand miles...

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I as well am not the father

but I know a few people that very well could be Smile

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Wasn't me either. The night o

Wasn't me either. The night of January 13, I was *very* busy with my then-new MacBook.

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