Macg4's cleaning house sale!!

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Macg4's cleaning house sale!!

Alright here is a list of macs that im selling currently. All prices listed here do not include shipping. I am looking for cash/paypal/money orders/checks, no trades this time. please feel free to pm, post reply here or e-mail me at: [email][/email] with any questions etc.....
*All system include: keyboard/mouse/power cord unless buyer does not want them.Pictures of item can be provided of anyone wants them*

-Blue/White G3(parting out) $make offers!
-case w/ all plastics/dvd drive/zip 100 drive/bad power supply
-rev 2.(b) mobo w/ 300mhz g3 processer
-no ram/hd(pending sale)
- Beige G3 minitower empty case(case only w/ all bezels,floppy drive/cd drive,& power supply) $10+shipping

- Imac bondi 233mhz/160mb ram/4gig hd/cd $offer

- Mac Plus w/ strange video out card. works intermittenly, case is mint. $offer

- Mac iici 4mb/40mb hd/os 7.6 $15 (on ebay as well)

- Mac iici 8mb/80mb hd/os 7.1/custome mic-headphones jack on front $20 (on ebay as well)

-LcIII motherboard in performa 405 case 4mb/no floppy/no hd/good condtion
Lc III 4mb/no hd/works/case yellowing/round shape floppy drive
Lc III 4mb/floppy/no hd/works/no yellowing,nice condtion
$10+shipping for all 3 LcIII's

Misc items
-Strange Nubus video card /w sun type video connector(13w3). $10/offer

- 2 zip 650 usb 4x cdrw drives (both have power supplies/1 usb cord included)$10 for both drives

-.iici/iicx/quadra 800/700/650 power supplies $offer

-Mac Portable Carrying Case(black apple branded) $25/OBO

-Se/30 or IIsi ethernet card(working) $35(firm)[/url]

-(2)Powermac b&w g3 motherboards. rev.a unknown working condtion(no processer)(one has firewire module)$5 for both

- PowerMac 6100/66 motherboard(working)has cache simm/no ram$10