wireless G+ on a Beige G3 AIO ??? What

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wireless G+ on a Beige G3 AIO ??? What

hi all

Yea i took a chance a bought a Belkin Wireless G+ PCI card model number F5D7001 (box has a Pic of a card with the Boradcom chipset) some of the other boxes had diffrent Pic's but same model. so i dove at the Broadcom one.

i bootet up 10.4.8 it said it found a new port Airport. tiger detected it right away. i knew a friend down the road had wifi. but its encripted. i called him to remove it so i could test out my wifi on my Beige G3 AIO. he unlocked it for about a hour and in that hour it worked great with no problems what so ever. i did have to move the AIO ontop of the entertainment center and point the antenna toward the window to pick it up. only 30%-40% signal but it worked.

i then went out and bought a Belkin wireless G+ router (but right now i have no connection to use with it) it sits in the room next to the one the AIO is in. and gets 90% signal. which is nice since its about 100 feet awat going threw a wall. and not once did the signal drop.

but here is the bad. the card dont work in OS 9. i was already thinking it would not cause of its a G+ and it has the broadcom chipset. i know its possable to get it working by a 3rd party driver developer like IOxperts but they yet to support G cards. my only other hope is to wait till they make a driver that will work with this card in OS 9.2.2 even tho it only used the B side of it. or wait till some one makes a driver that is compatable with this card for O S9.2.2 but this will proly never happen

other than the down side of not having support in OS 9.2.2 for it i am rather happy with it.