Can someone help me with my Lisa

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Can someone help me with my Lisa

I have a lisa 2/5 system and need some parts if anyone has them I need the ram and cpu boars and the keyboard/mouse. I was also wondering if someone knew how to make the IDEFile and would be willing to make one for me as the x/profile boards are too expensive about $380 and the profile drives are old and unreliable, or is there an easier way to hook up a hard drive to this machine? I have tried ebay and vintagemicros I think they are going out of buisness at least that is what there ebay store listings said, as well as various buy sell trade forums. I know some people will think this should be in the want section but im also asking for help on the hard drive. Vintagemicros on ebay has some ram but they are untested so I do not want to buy them as my I/O on my lisa is untested and I would not know what was good/bad. I have some stuff for trade its listed in the buy sell trade section here on applefritter. Any help would be awsome

Thank you