FS: Apple G3 Pismo Picture Frame machine

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FS: Apple G3 Pismo Picture Frame machine

Hi, I'm a new poster here but I've been working on Macs for many years and have done a few custom projects. It has come time that I want to sell my current project to
start work on something different. This started out
as a G3 400mhz Pismo machine with a 20GB HD and 768mb
of ram. The case had some major imperfections and
wasn't very usable. I took it all apart and mounted
the pieces up on a piece of scrap plexiglass. The
glass is in good shape, the edges are a little rough,
but the rest is clean. Lots of measuring and drilling
for the standoffs. I then attached the screen to
another piece of plexi and put them together with the
posts. The machine is running OS 10.4. It has no
battery or CD drive, but all the ports are functional,
as is everything else. I have it hanging in my office
and control it with VNC. I usually have a picture
slide show going. It is still a perfectly functional
computer. Looking for $300 or best offer on it.


Chris Stierman
Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist