Make a avi file smaller

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Make a avi file smaller

I have a avi file that i need to shrink from 217mb to 15 mb.
Is there a wat to do that...does'nt matter if the quality gets a bit poor.

If that is not possible with program can i use the cut some pieces out of it.
Im not a pro in this stuf so recommend me some easy things .

Thanks a lot!

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few questions and comments

If you are taking a 217MB and reduce it to 15MB, and it's already MPEG-4, you might as well not do it. You are looking at just one large block as a picture. That's going to be too low of a bitrate. You might want to try for like 45-55MB realistically

what machine are you using, Windows or Mac?

How long is the video clip?

You may want to check out the ImTOO Products (not free, and not going to give a link) if you want to take anything other than a DVD and rip it down, that is, if you use it under windows. I have used it and it works OK, although, it's not fast. This is what you probably don't want to use if you are looking for free. Maybe someone else can provide a link to something like it, but free.

If you are under Mac, there is stuff like FFMpegX that works, it's a free software that you can get on sourceforge.

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coius, thanks a lot. i'm usi

coius, thanks a lot.
i'm using Windows system. I tried imtoo mpeg encoder after your suggestion. It may make it by setting Start Time and Duration, but Start Time and Duration function of the trial version is unavailable. If no one recommend me the free way, maybe I have to pay for this product. thanks again.

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