beer spilled on powerbook

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beer spilled on powerbook

long story short, beer spilled and hit some of my 12 inch titanium powerbook. i turned it off, disconnected the power, removed the battery, removed the keyboard, wiped up the beer, cleaned with a wet cloth the heat shield area, and left it to dry. the problem is that i'm in nepal and can't, for the life of me, find electronic cleaner or rubbing alcohol. so i put it back together, turned it on, and it seems to be fine, save for massive splotching on the lcd.


is there anything else i can use to clean under the keyboard in the absence of the liquids mentioned above?

will the splotching eventually go away?

any other advice? please be constructive. i already know how much of a dumbass i am.



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Let's see...


I'm going to assume that the nature of the spill wasnt able to get beer *into* the LCD/underneath the plastics itself; that would be pretty hard to do.

However the cabling connecting the LCD to the main/logic board or video card, probably at the connector is my first guess.

I know absolutely nothing about the innards of a Ti, so I dont know if there's a seperate video board that plugs in to the logic board, but that could be another area of fault as well.

Instead of giving up hope on the proper cleaning solutions, how about looking in different places? Consider the possible usages of the isopropyl/rubbing alcohol and search for it in that manner.

The critically important part is that the machine isn't run with this substance inside of it. Then it's disassembly and cleaning, so that the beer doesn't degrade plastics, cook itself onto components, etc.

If I need to be contradicted, by all means feel free, to help him save the Mac Smile

- Macinjosh

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also... ethyl alcohol

ethanol, or grain alcohol, will work as well... I think distilled water could be used, too, just let it sit for a week to make sure the water has evaporated (I could be absolutely wrong about water, but I've spilled water on my laptop on more than one occasion... once it was dry, had no problems)

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Re: beer spilled on powerbook

... my 12 inch titanium powerbook ...

Just for clarity's sake, is this ...

A 12-inch PowerBook (Aluminum) or ...
A Titanium PowerBook (15", one size fits all) ?

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