iMac Combo Drive!

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iMac Combo Drive!

I finally did it! after living with a CD drive in my slot load iMac for a year, id had enough. So i bought a powerbook combo drive off ebay (£25) and got it home and tried to fit it into the imac, no joy. So then i was stuck and left it until last week, when i actually sat down and thought about it. If i use the slot load powerbook combo drive, the imac interface isnt the same. So i looked up the iMac--> ATX mod, and from this realised I could use a regular IDE cable in the iMac, with a little bit of modding. So i went about it and modded the cable. I then bought a JAE (laptop drive) to IDE convertor and plugged it all in, no sounds coming from the drive or anything. So i then realised i needed power, which came in the form of a floppy drive connector. I had an old PC power supply hanging about that i cut off the connector for, then flipped off the back of the power cable for the hard drive in the iMac, and pushed the wires into the wire cutter things, which made a good connection. Powered it all up, noises coming from both hard drive and combo drive. YES! went to intall panther, and it wouldnt read the boot disk. So after messing about for a few hours it came to me that the jumper settings on the hard drive could be at fault, and it was! So i now have a slot loading combo drive iMac! Im so happy because after being on here for 4 years, this is my only proper hack! Ill get some screenshots up tomorrow, as its 1:17am over here!

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Nice... Cudos for the hack.

Cudos for the hack.
i may try something similar.


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