I am STL.. This Is What I have to say

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I am STL.. This Is What I have to say

To those who I scammed items from..
I would like to apologize for everything I ever did.. As youve seen before my ex girlfriend was trying to help everyone get there stuff back... No one came forward.. except reverend darkness.. which he got what was requested to him.. and You all can PM him to verify this.. Now i have located some things.. and the items I cannot replace I will settle monetarily.. I will just need a paypal address to the members that I do not have the items for.. iamdigitalman.. My request was a valid one.. I could have met you in flint no problem and gave you some of the items I had that belonged to other fritter members.. Threatening is not the best option and saying you will find me is not the best option either.. Due to the simple fact that coming to my home could be very well construded as aggravated stalking as the way you had put your post.. Because Im willing to return or replace everything that was taken by myself..
This is what I propose

I return the items I do have to iamdigitalman.. that way everything is in a trusted fritter members hands.. He is in my home state and is probably about hour and a half drive from me.. other members whom I do not have items for I will settle with cash..

This is a reasonable offer.. I would like to work with someone in my home state to get these items returned to the people I have scammed in the past..
You can email me directly at landon dot steven at gmail dot com

ill also need a list of what belongs to whom a master list of sorts

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I'm sorry

Ok, it looks like this is legit. I just got caught up in the moment. I am not sure if I could help. maybe. if not, Gary_W can, he lives by me. maybe we can both help to ease the load.

glad to get this behind us.

-digital Wink

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Thanks for being big enough to do this. This is a good start and good self-healing. Understand that the road back up is always harder than the road down. Integrity is the ability to minimize the differnece between what you say you will do and what you actually do. In time, things will turn if you choose to make them turn. People are more willing to forgive when they see effort. Just bear in mind that many may not easily forget, so the work on your part will not be easy, but it will eventually become so as things grow.

One thing I might suggest is to advertize yourself by your name. Sometimes people may misconsture the innocent use of an avatar or screen name as a guise for one's real identity. This is usually not a problem unless you trade frequently and change handles regularily. From someone trying to rebuild a reputation, I would encourage you to pick a uniform and consistent id/avater/handle and use it religously and on all forums you go to - For example, I am doug-doug the mighty on every forum I participate in (except NewtonTalk.net, where I default to my name from email tags). Being able to be easily recognized as someone, no matter where you are, disarms people and keeps them from speculating, it also provides continued growth in re-establishing credibility.

HTH - Good luck.

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What I dont have I can locate

What I dont have I can locate at the CMU Surplus sale once a month.. I am completely being legit.. I work full time 40+ hours a week but Id like to get this situation behind us and get on with life.. Digital.. I do go to ann arbor once and a while to go to the U of M Property Disposal Unit.. And I could meet you somewhere around there with the stuff I have..

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