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Software Recommnedation - Auto Click Dialog Button


Deep breath Blum 3

We are using a Mac Mini with a card scanner connected as a custom build Clocking-In machine in our factory. We are using a custom made FileMaker database, but have hit one problem.

Originally it was a client/server model, but because if there was a network problem it would disconnect, therefore no clock-ins could occur.

So I have now changed the database so that it works entirely locally and only connects to the server once a day to update the employee list and send the previous days data. So network problems don't interrupt clock-ins.

The only problem is that because it is still linked to the server database, if there is a network problem, FileMaker shows a dialog saying there was an error, which obviously stops clock-ins from occuring.

So basically all I want to be able to do is ideally be able to detect and at least be able to click the button on the dialog box to make it disappear so the database can continue to be used locally. Even if this is an application or script we have to run via cron this would be fine.

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly welcome Smile

Thanks for reading.

Adam Dempsey

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That's a sticky one... would QuicKeys be able to handle that? Beware.... it isn't free.

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