Some misc... Beige G3 parts

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Some misc... Beige G3 parts

2 logic boards for a Beige G3.

Both work, with the following notation:

One of them has only 2 working PCI slots (one of the three is dead, as far as i can tell). I assure you the remaining 2 slots work. This board has the 3D RAGE PRO graphics chipset.

The other has only one working IDE channel. Thus, you are limited to only 2 IDE devices. You can add an IDE PCI card tho, to get 'round that. Note: the J16 jumper block is missing, so, you will have to google the correct config, and toss some jumpers on there. This board has the 3D RAGE II +DVD graphics chipset.

Both of these boards have been tesetd (by me) and will boot.

Both boards are sold 'bare,' meaning all the bits have been removed. No ROM DIMM, no SGRAM, etc...

Basically yours for shipping. You can have one, or the other, or both. I'll ship anywhere in the lower 48. Payment via PayPal only. Shipping from 07070.

266 MHz ZiF G3

I also have one 266 MHz G3 ZiF im willing to not have lying about. Yours for shipping (again, shipping from 07070), willing to ship to the lower 48. Does not include heatsink.

PM me if interested... parts available on a first come, first serve basis.