Pismo Not Booting

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Pismo Not Booting

Alright, you know the netboot environment I was trying to set up, well, after taking advice and following plan b, I popped my pismo's hard drive into my B&W, and successfully installed tiger.

However, upon careful reassembly, and powering up, I got the dreaded 4 tones, sleep light flashed 4 times, then 5 seconds later, 4 times again. After that, the guns fell silent. Other than the spinning up of the hard drive, there is nothing coming out of the computer. no chimes, nothing on the display, nothing.

I must have taken it apart and reassembled it a dozen times looking for the problem, but nothing. I made sure of it, the insides are clean enough to eat off of. But the machine still refuses to boot.

I looked it up, and 4 tones=death, aka, corrupted ROM. Would the solution be as easy as a new CPU card, or is there something cheaper? if I were to get a new card, i'd get a G4 upgrade.

oh, I am trying the tricks mentioned here. I currently have it all apart, and will reassemble it in a week to see if that fixes it. Unless someone else has another idea, it's new CPU card time.

perfect timeing to, because a few weeks back while removing the old hard drive, I broke off part of the plastic pull tab. not enough there to use my fingers to get it out. I need to do it the old fashioned wallstreet way: with a flat blade screwdriver.

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