For Trade: PB Wallstreet

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For Trade: PB Wallstreet

Up for trade here is a powerbook wallstreet, upgraded from cacheless 233mhz G3 to 266mhz,
2gig hard drive (OS 9.2.2 installed) and 64 megabytes of RAM. It's kind of a bohiemian monster, as it already has all of the rubbber removed from the top and bottom case (looks pretty cool too). But it has a somewhat problematic 13.3 inch screen. I had a problem with it once, and discovered that by squeezing the left side of the screen, the cable would reseat, so it hasn't really been a big problem.

What I really would like is a powerbook 2400, but I would also accept a Duo 2300c, just as a porable companion for my Pismo. Or if you have some neat-o- other mac stuff, (like a color classic, or pismo parts) you might convince me to trade. Not that the wallstreet is in such high demand anymore...