Need some help - powerbook 12" 1.33 boot issues

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Need some help - powerbook 12" 1.33 boot issues

OK, I need some help here....Long story sort
-HDD failed - seems to have physical damage drive became very loud no boot etc...
-Was able to recover files after 3 days by booting computer on angled surface (least amount of noise at this angle)
-recovered files - CCC all files to firewire -
-Installed new drive - in the process of unassembly plastic socket (POWER) broke off of logic board
-Soldered socket back on - tested good - tripping copper prongs booted to chime - reassembled ran great
-noticed upper left of PB would be hot (by power in/mic) but everything ran fine
(thought it might be due to increase to 5400 rpm drive
-next morning pb power button not working
-unassembled and checked solder point - copper prongs in plastic socket would not boot PB when tripped but
-solder points would
-re-soldered points and anchored base to logic board (plastic stems only) with superglue just to secure
-copper prongs booted fine to chime when tripped
-re-assembled and boots only to blank gray screen order of boot is - chime, screen gray, cd/HDD spinup, screen does the black to gey flicker - HDD is active - no grey apple screen - just blank???
-PRAM reset does nothing - cannot boot from cd - (although it sounds like its trying)

Suggestions PLEASE?????? Pulling out hair on this one.