Linux, Mac Radeon Edition Video Out?

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Linux, Mac Radeon Edition Video Out?

I havent really used my B&W since my C600 showed up. Was thinking about it, it'd be cool to do Web browsing and stuff with it on the TV.

It's a 300 G3 now though OC'ed to 350, 384MB RAM. OS X is... hard to wait for on it. Linux would be great but does anyone know how to get the video out working in Linux on an original Mac Radeon PCI?

(Aside: It'd be great to find a 400 or something to clock around on for practically nothing... the thing will almost play a DivX at the proper speed. Worked fine with the 500 G4...)

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if i recall i put ubuntu on my b/w and i had no problems with video output.
i think that it worked fine right away. it has been a while since i've toyed with it though, so i may be mistaken.

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