And more Stuff from outta the closet

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And more Stuff from outta the closet

1. Newer Tech Math coprocessor for the Mac classic. (68882 coprocessor) p/n: 7MCFPU. I have 4 of these all NIB (new in box)
$10.00 each plus shipping

2. 5 Newer Tech 16meg 30pin simms for the Mac. I had a total of 9 of these but put 4 of them in my SE 30 to give it 64megs of ram
$10.00 each plus shipping

3. 3 Newer Tech High density 16meg simms for the Radius Rocket. P/N 7MM16MX8-70RX. These are in open boxes however all documention and the Memery chip are in the box. $10.00 each plus shipping

4. 2 Boxes of the Newer Tech 8meg Simms for the Radius Rocket. These are NIB still shrink wraped. P/N 7MM8MX8-70R

5. A 1 meg cache module for the 7200 Power Mac. P/N 7CC1MB. $5.00 plus shipping

6. A 512k Cache module for the 4400/5400/6360/6400 and the StarMax. P/N 7CC512C. $5.00 plus shipping

7. 2 of the Newer Tech 256k Cache modules for the PowerMac 6100/60 & 7100/66. These are NIB and I opened one to see what the module looked like. $5.00 each plus shipping

8. A Newer Tech 16meg Simm for the Quadra 700/800. P/N 7MM16MX6-70Q. $10.00 plus shipping
and a Newer Tech 4meg 64 pin Simm for the Mac IIfx. P/N 7MM4MX8-60F $5.00 plus shiping

And theres more coming