introduce vitage acer apple II clone micro professor III

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introduce vitage acer apple II clone micro professor III


this is the first release apple II clone computer from acer,several mouths, I saw it from ebay,so I spend about US170 include shipping,when it reached to my home,I was very happy,and now, I post it to this forum and display it.

this machine was made in taiwan since 1983,when I was kids,I have this one,this machine is my game machine,just insert disk,I can play like karateka or hardball and more,maybe everyone donnot know it,acer early computer maybe it is quality reason,my first computer was damage,everytime i went to acer company to repair it,since that day,I hate this company so much,till now,I have no buy any print acer product,for this reason.

this machine is not include disk drive,now I want to acquire it,It is difficult,so I have found this forum,so I alive again

it is all introduce for MPF III sorry,my english is so poor,so cannot provide more information,just look at picture.thx

all package MPF III from ebay

user's guide include basic and machine introduce

keyboard and machine

machine inside

joystick and keyboard


disk drive and printer and more

machine self test unplug keyboard and turn on power

my first basic book from 1983

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congratulations on the acquisition. The apple II series were the finest and most durable apples I know to this date. The clone makers, although they are not rare, are a treat to play around with. I never had one, but a friend of mine collected them. He had about 12 clones the last time I saw him before he finally gave it up. I talked to him recently, and he has only 2 left, after 3 quit working, he gave away 2 of them, and sold the others on eBay.

I remember playing with the Apple II's in class back in primary school. They are great to play around with, and are by far, in my opinion, THE BEST machines apple put out. And you can thank Steven Wozniak for that.

Anyways, welcome to the AppleFritter forums, and enjoy a pleasant stay while you are here. There are a lot of us here willing to help. So if you have a question, we would love to help you with it.

Thank-you for sharing with use your recent acquirement. It certainly nice to see a clone on the site Biggrin

I assume you are from Japan? Welcome!

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sorry,I come from taiwan,I in

sorry,I come from taiwan,I introduce our country collector,I know a famous collector,his name is little dragon,he is not only collector macintosh but sell it,several mouths,he accept reporter and show in the television,like me,I have 33 macintoshes,but many computers has a little problem needs to repair,so sometime I will buy analog board or logic board to change,I will enjoy it.

this is my new computer,I remembered when I was student,I dumped it to the trash,and now I was very regret,and now I have got it again,I was so happy,I wander if anyone knows this computer or acquire it,don't forget your memories and post it.

in taiwan, the biggest website for macintosh is oikos,because some reasons,taiwan hasnot many informations of apple 2.of cause,some time ur stuff and disk drive will damage, you have no way,I am so glad to find out this website, I believe here cyberfriend who are amiable and will provide some components. english is so poor,sometime it is difficult to show my mean, I need time to increase my english,so thx this website's manager.let me look for stuff.hope can contact every collector.

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