how to convert .dsk to 3.5 disk for apple II

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how to convert .dsk to 3.5 disk for apple II

how to convert .dsk to 3.5 disk for apple 2 some old 5.25 disk.some games will damgae in the future, for safely, I want to convert 3.5 disk,it is best the internet I have found many .shk and convert 3.5 disk successful.this time,I want to extract .dsk to 3.5.does any one know?thx

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If the images you want to convert are 800k images just get a copy of ADTPro from here:

and follow the instructions that come with it to convert the image to a 3.5 disk.

If you wanting to put multiple 5.25 images on a 3.5 disk you'll need to use a couple other programs to put the disk images into a 3.5 disk image and then transfer that image.

check this thread for those programs:

Hope this helps you.

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