MacOS 9 Stuck When Duplicating a Folder

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MacOS 9 Stuck When Duplicating a Folder

I'm using MacOS 9.2.2 on my 20th Anniversary Macintosh. When I try to duplicate a folder with more than a few files, the OS freezes in the beginning of the process after calculating the number of files to copy and copying of a few files.
I tried to boot with not extensions and also to boot from the OS CD and try the same thing and it still occurred.
What can be the problem?

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I guess your freeze when you

I guess your freeze when you copy any files,it problem to the ram, you can test or change your ram,then if you have any problem,you can try reinstall os9,if it still happen occur.maybe you want to consider hardware like harddisk or mainboard.just suggestion
good luck

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Backup, then proceed

Backup everything important, if you can. A few files at a time if necessary.
I'd aim for rebuilding the desktop file first.

On all our OS 9 machines at work, I install Total Desktop Rebuild, rather than just doing the cmd-opt hold-down at startup.

Disk First Aid if that doesn't work, and if you're lucky enough (or cursed enough, perhaps) to have Norton Utilities, I'd run that on the system.

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trash finder prefs and rebuild


Trash your finder prefs and then rebuild your desktop.


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bad hard drive sectors

when I had my last iBook, the harddrive was going south due to a head crash (not sure how THAT happened) and it was trying to write/read from an area that was not read/writeable. So it hang. It also did it under OS X.

I honestly think your harddrive is going south. TBH, i would just backup as much as you can to an external drive/network drive, and then install a new drive. Gives you an excuse to upgrade Smile

I can guarantee it's not the system/files. it's the actual drive. Save yourself the hassle and just replace it now. I assume this is the original drive?

EDIT: I noticed you said that it happened when even booted from an OS CD/Floppy/Whatever. That's DEFINITELY a bummed harddrive. When a harddrive doesn't copy files, and it's not running on that harddrive (The OS is running from a secondary boot disk) the harddrive is bad and having a hard time reading/writing to/from the harddrive. REPLACE THE DRIVE NOW!!! otherwise you will continue to give yourself headaches. It also shouldn't be too hard, and I highly doubt you will mess something up even if you have no experience. Just don't cut wires, and work into the system to get it out, then do the reverse when putting the system together.
If you have to, take pics. P.S. If you do, let us see the inside of it!!! Post them here!!!

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Some updates

I rebuilt the desktop and did some memory tests using some old tools I found and I discovered that when the virtual memory is on, the test usually finds a problem but when the virtual memory is off, no errors are found.
So I decided to check the disk using the Drive Setup utility on the Mac OS 9 but it didn't find any problem. I couldn't find other disk diagnostic tools on the net so far. I also tried to use Norton Utilities 3.5 but it doesn't support HFS+ disk format.
BTW, I noticed that the OS freezes also on other massive file usage operations (like file sharing or file stuffing) and when the virtual memory is off, it freezes much less but still do.
I'd also like to mention that I did a clean installation of the Mac OS after initializing the hard drive and formatting is in Extended mode.
The reason I did so what because the previous installation of the Mac OS used to freeze and crash a lot and I thought that a clean installation would solve the problem.
Any suggestions?

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