FS: Bucketloads of PM machines, B&W G3's, LaserWriter 8500's, etc!!

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FS: Bucketloads of PM machines, B&W G3's, LaserWriter 8500's, etc!!

On a member's advice, I am offering the following for sale... These are the quantities that I have - contact to see if we have sold them all!

8 Blue and White G3/300's, 64 MB, 6 GB, CD-ROM, ZIP 100 - OS 8.5 installed on each, no keyboard or mouse. $50 ea OBO.

8 LaserWriter 8500's, with toner carts (1/2 to 3/4 full, will wrap separately), network-attached, 16 MB RAM, standard 500 sheet feed tray. If you know what these are, you probably either want one REALLY bad, or you already have one. We also have 6 of these that are non-functional, will sell pallet of 6 non-functional as one unit. Asking $250 OBO.

5 desktop Beige G3's, 64 MB, 8 GB HD, CD-ROM, ZIP 100. OS 8.5 installed on each, will throw in keyboard and mouse set. $40 OBO.

Varied numbers of 5300's - mostly 180's and 200's. Varied amounts of RAM. All have CD-ROM, as standard. $25 ea.

3 G3 AIO with 64 MB RAM. OS 8.5 installed. $75 ea.

1 G3 AIO with DAV card, 128 MB RAM, OS 9 installed. $100 OBO.

Strawberry tray-loading iMac. 64 MB RAM, 8 GB HD. $60 OBO.

Lot of four StyleWriters, 1200's and 2400's, some working, some parts. No carts. $40 for the lot.

We have a bunch more stuff, mostly accessories and other stuff. Calculate shipping from our warehouse in 47804.

Contact us for more information or if you are interested! We get this stuff fairly often, we generally always have inventory.

Midwest Technology Industries
888-817-2944 / 317-454-0450

Jacob Hawkins, x 1