Unique Black PPC "Takky" Color Classic, with Mac OS and BeOS

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Unique Black PPC "Takky" Color Classic, with Mac OS and BeOS


- Price does NOT include shipping (from Phila PA USA 19123)
- PayPal preferred; USPS Money Order also accepted; no other forms of payment
- I'm PayPal verified (400+); 100% eBay feedback of +323 as "mattruben"; long-time LEM Swapper and Applefritter-er

(2) ITEM FOR SALE: Unique Black PPC Color Classic with Mac OS and BeOS capability - $275 plus shipping, $275 delivered within a 40 mile radius of 19123, or $260 if buyer does local pickup.

(3) PICS: http://web.mac.com/mruben/iWeb/Site/Takky_Color_Classic.html

(4) INFO:

This is a very special machine - you'll never see another one quite like this. I'm parting with it reluctantly, to meet expenses and clear out space in my home.


- Hand-rubbed black painted case, glossy with very subtle sparkle effect (very tasteful)
- Matching Apple keyboard, with black keys from a Macintosh TV keyboard; matching Apple ADB mouse
- Also includes bonus black NeXT ADB mouse, as well as black keyboard cable and black power cable

- Modified display shows full VGA - 640x480 resolution

- 300MHz PPC 603e CPU with 512k L2 cache
- Maxed out 128MB RAM
- 20GB Maxtor ATA hard drive

- Can boot Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS 8.1, and BeOS Pro 5.0.3
- Original BeOS disc included

- PCI ethernet card works natively with both Mac OS and BeOS