How dangerous is that screwdriver?

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How dangerous is that screwdriver?

I've always wondered, how dangerous, if at all, to computer components is the magnetism in a magnetized screwdriver? Are there any components that definitely should not be touched by one?

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Considering the relative weak

Considering the relative weakness of the magnetic field, plus the fact that the field is near/in contact with components for only seconds at a time, I estimate that you have exactly a 0% chance of damaging anything with a magnetized screwdriver.

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I'll guess the only thing you

I'll guess the only thing you can damage with a magnet is a good old floppy disk.


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... I can truly say that that simple screwdriver (magnetized or not) can be very dangerous when discharging your CRT or when using as a pry-bar to separate difficult case plastics. Wink

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We use magnetized screwdriver

We use magnetized screwdrivers inside servers all day every day and it's never been an issue.

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