ibook speakers for wallstreet

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ibook speakers for wallstreet

only the left speaker has worked on my wallstreet since i got it 4 years ago, and i'm noticing that it's giving an odd buzz. probably a sign that it's on its way out. i have a dead ibook g3 sitting around thats having parts stolen from it for other uses, and i wonder if the speakers can be adapted to the wallstreet. the connector is different and the speakrs are a different shape, but would they at least work if they could be connected. switching the connection is easy, and i can always superglue the speakers in, but the power output from the sound card is what concerns me.

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Got a multimeter? Test the r

Got a multimeter? Test the resistance of the iBook speakers (out of circuit) then ditto with the good Wallstreet speaker. If they're the same, go for it.

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