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To post or not to post - Content question


A bit ago I received an IM asking for help getting "Sheepshaver" running, triggered by a vague reference I made in another thread about getting a working OS 9 install from one of those machine-specific "Restore" CDs. Based on that request I was vaguely considering the idea of writing a quick howto (as a "blog entry", I guess) to help those people who are stuck with an Intel Mac, an old "Restore" CD, and the sort of confusing Sheepshaver documentation that's out there on the web. Before spending the effort, However, I'd sort of like a read on whether or not that might be pushing the limit of Applefritter's "Don't screw with Apple" and "Don't pirate software" policies.

My gut feeling is that one could probably make a "fair use" legal case for working around the Apple Software Restore CD's "only install on the machine it came with" lockout given certain conditions. If, for instance, you owned a PowerPC Macintosh which came with OS 9 pre-installed in some form, and by running Sheepshaver you were "transferring" that license to your new Intel machine. (A strict reading of the OS 9 EULA suggests that you would then have to delete OS 9 from the other machine, of course.) Of course, the problem is that the same advice would be useful to someone running Sheepshaver under Linux or Windows on a non-Apple-labeled machine, which would specifically be against the EULA. There's also the related question of whether a different EULA applies to the restore CDs then the general OS 9 install disks (Link: OS 9 EULA), and whether Intel Macs count as "Apple-labeled or Apple-licensed computers" in this context at all. (They are "bundled with a licensed version of MacOS at time of manufacture", but is it legally the *same* MacOS?)

What think you? Is this a can of worms worth opening or not? Or am I just being paranoid? :^b


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Ask Tom, yes?

I would love to read such a write-up - but I think this sort of issue really depends on what Tom thinks is appropriate.


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Apple isn't supporting OS 9 a

Apple isn't supporting OS 9 anymore, so why should they care if software is copied and such?

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Yeah, like they support SSW 7.1 or OS 7.6. Try offering downloads and you'll hear from Apple. Support has nothing to do with it. Apple does not believe in abandonware.


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