G5 Powermac?

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G5 Powermac?

Well I've been going through all different questions here at Applefritter but I keep looking at different computers but I think maybe G4 isn't a good option. So I've been looking at 1.8 Ghz Powermac G5's are they good as in reliability. Some of my factors are the G5 Processer, Up to 8 GB or Ram and PCI slots.

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The liquid cooling on some of

The liquid cooling on some of the G5 models has become a major pain for some users. I personally have seen one such machine where the bottom casing was corroded due to leaked coolant.

If you're looking to spend the money a G5 tower fetches, you should just save a little more and buy a new iMac. The Core 2 Duo will blow the G5 you're looking at out of the water.

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the G5 can fetch a high price

the G5 can fetch a high price, even the first ones. the ammount you spend on that G5 like the above poster said you can save a bit more and buy a C2D iMac

or you can buy a QS or MDD G4 and upgrade it with a duel G4 cpu upgrade ( 7455 or 7448 models) but you can easily spend to much to upgrade one. the G4 systems can be made into a quite capable system still. with the upgrades with the 7448 model CPU's a G4 system can be made to fly. but those model of upgrades are high in price.

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