Apple II and IIplus super encoder board finished

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Apple II and IIplus super encoder board finished

Well, after dealing with several of my Apple IIplus computers with shot encoder boards I set out to design a replacement one. Using a microcontroller I was able to design a new encoder board that is smaller and works great. Well, while I was at it, I added a ps/2 keyboard port so you can attach a PC keyboard to your Apple II or IIplus and have an external keyboard. The bonus is that you don't have to turn off the onboard keyboard, you can use both keyboards at the same time. This is great for two player games. I needed 5 of these so I did an order of 20 and now have 15 available.

What I eliminated was the control-reset switch and decided to just make it ctrl-reset by default. This board is only for Apple II or IIplus models with the seperate encoder boards.

Here's a picture of the board on a keyboard:


At only $29 these won't last long. Read more here:

Please note, the cable and keyboard and mounts are not included but can be used from your existing keyboard encoder.