PowerMystic Color Classic, no bong :(

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PowerMystic Color Classic, no bong :(

Hello, I have received this PowerMystic Color Classic: http://web.mac.com/mruben/iWeb/Site/PowerMystic.html , it powers on fine, I can hear the fans and the drive spin up but I never get anything on the display nor hear any bong. This is all I see (blue led indicates that it's powered on): http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/6461/091707074300vb9.jpg ...what would cause this? Thanks! Smile

P.S. Sorry for the horrible image resolution, only digital camera available to me is my cell phone unfortunately

UPDATE: Hello I have opened it and have found that the seller shipped it to me with the processor desocketed! Here is a image of the processor in its current state:


I am unable to put the processor into its socket however because of this connection the card has to the motherboard (which is conveniently located right below the board preventing it from going down and allowing the pins to go into the processor socket):


How do I reseat the processor? Thanks! Smile

UPDATE: If I try to push the processor down to seat in its socket the front will comply: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3416/sany0023si5.jpg but the backside does not: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/4343/sany0021np7.jpg . If you look at this picture: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/4343/sany0021np7.jpg you also notice something on the right side sticking between the card and the motherboard, that is a connector that goes from the bottom of the processor card to the motherboard and thus I assume it is important but with it sticking between the card and the motherboard like that how am I supposed to reseat the processor??? Thanks! Smile

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NOTE: The PowerMystic color c

NOTE: The PowerMystic color classic was sadly received in this condition out of the box from the seller despite the seller stating that the mac was in working condition, I am on the verge of filing a PayPal dispute with the seller... Sad

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Problem? no problem

Heh, I received a similar machine once, the processor had come loose in shipping and a couple of the pins got broken off. Not a happy customer was I. You're lucky if no pins got broken.

For future reference: [color=red]Anyone buying a Powercard-powered Mac (to be shipped) should instruct the seller to remove the Powercard and box it separately.[/color]

Still got that broken-pinned Powercard in a box somewhere . . .

The cache card can be removed, pull it up and off. That lets you unplug that pesky PRAM battery connector that gets in the way. You can then plug the PRAM back in and reinstall the cache once you have the Powercard securely seated.

First thing to do is to verify the machine works. Gently pry that '040 CPU off of the Powercard, use a screwdriver or similar prying up the edges a little at a time on each side (so it comes up straight, not cocked to one side) carefully. Then pop the '040 into the CPU socket on the logic board. Try to boot it.

If it will boot, then the first thing to do is ensure the control panel to engage the Powercard is installed. Then you can put the '040 back on the Powercard. Installing the Powercard is very simple, just be totally sure you have the pins aligned before pushing it in.

You can run the Powercard with the '040 removed omce you get the Mac booting to the Powercard. The '040 uses lots of juice, even when it's not the actual booting CPU. I ran my daughter's PPC Classic for years without the '040 in place. Only issue is if the PRAM battery dies, you'll lose the boot-to-PPC setting, requiring you to dig out an '040 CPU to install just to get the thing to boot.

Heh, I had (have still, come to think of it) run OS 9.1 on that machine, what a pain it was to get back to that if the PPC-boot setting was lost. Had to do a bit of shuffling OSes as I recall . . .

dan k

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