my ebay auctions close tonight

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my ebay auctions close tonight

I've got some old Mac stuff up in auctions on eBay which end tonight:

Included is a Nubus Radius Rocket which I mentioned in a thread here a little while ago. I've got some other stuff to put up, which I'd hoped to get up before these first closed, but making eBay auctions can be time consuming, taking hours, so the others will have to wait until time permitting. I say to the U.S. only, but I'm leaving that up to my own discretion if someone asks me via eBay messaging first.

Oh, and please don't mind my pretentious eBay user name. It was one of those cases when every name I tried was already taken, so I just popped in the meaning of my middle name, which is a derivation of Robert and it stuck. I think of changing it to something less pretentious, but somehow I think it actually works in my favor on eBay. I got the name after an uncle who had oil wells in Texas--my parents hoping I'd get something from him. He disappeared and no one in the family knows where to. Now I get to carry his name. I won't tell you which derivation it is. At least, it has a glowing meaning.