looking for insanely old games

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looking for insanely old games

i think i can qualify this as a powerpc thing since i did play these games on a powermac 6100 as a child.:3 i do now know the names of two games i'm looking for since i was probably 6 when i last played them, and they're long gone from my imac since it crashed when os x was installed.

one game i think was called breaking glass or something like that. i believe it was on os 8.6 and involved clicking on different colored glass panels, thus breaking them. i don't remember the point of this, but i'd like to find out.

the other game i don't know if i can describe, but i really want. it was something involving a background pattern like say four squares with spaces in between. in that game, balls would bounce around in front of that pattern, and you could drag one and make it move differently compared to the others in what (i believe) was 3d space. i don't remember if it was 3d or 2d, but it's been a decade so i don't know. i do know that one of the songs was basically a ripoff of some song from the 80s (and i don't know what song).

hopefully someone can help me with these games. nostalgia is really kicking in, and i need some form of games since the xbox died.