IIc garbage on screen

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IIc garbage on screen

Was given a faulty IIc just comes up with garbage on the screen when I turn it on.

Any ideas what could be the cause?

I have opened it up and have given it a visual inspection as well as pushing any seated chips down in case they came loose. I cant see any signs of damage or leakages.

This is my first apple II as most computers in my collection are of the commodore/atari variety. But the first computer that I ever touched at Primary school was an apple IIe so I'm kinda hoping I can get this going.

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Have you checked the power su

Have you checked the power supply?

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Havent checked the power supp

Havent checked the power supply, wouldnt know how to check it to be honest. Is a faulty PSU a common fault?

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RE: garbage

Do you have the external 5 1/4" drive on your IIc?
If so, unplug it and try to boot up again. Sometimes
the controller in the drive goes bad and this will
show in the boot-up. Also unplug ALL your peripherals
and clean the contacts, check the pin conditions (are
they bent?) and just try booting the machine without
any peripherals.

The power supply is a "brick" and usually either works
or not. No user servieable parts inside.

Has your computer suffered any physical damage? Is the
shielding inside fastened down tight so it doesn't come
in contact with anything causing a short? Any dirt?

Does the internal disk drive "cycle" on boot-up? Is it
reading a disk at all? Any 'strange' noises on boot-up?
Any stuck keys? Keyboard damage? Check all of the switches
on the IIc...both on the rear at the power switch and the
keyboard with the selector switches and caps lock, etc.
Sometimes it's a simple thing that gets ya.

Try another boot-up disk? Try another monitor?

The IIc and //c are pretty bullet-proof machines.

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Also what kind of display is

Also what kind of display is being used? A Mac style 15-pin monitor DOES NOT work on the IIc. Use an RGB monitor via RCA jack like any other II.

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