Sharing printers between Mac OS X and Windows XP.

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Sharing printers between Mac OS X and Windows XP.

I need some help. I have an HP deskjet 952C connected to my PC into the LPT socket. I have the printer also connected to my Power Mac G5 through USB. I can print off my Mac, but not my PC. Whenever I print a document from my PC, my printer does nothing. Is there something I have to setup, or can I network my PC and Mac? If you have the information, I would like to know. Thank you.

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On your Mac, go to the Sharin

On your Mac, go to the Sharing pane of System Preferences and make sure that Printer Sharing is turned on. I don't know much about Windows but the PC should then be able to see the printer on the network without changing any settings. Just force the PC to go out and look for available printers and select it as the printer that you want to use. You might still need a printer driver for the PC.

Other Macs on the network would have no trouble finding the printer - just make sure that you search for it first before printing.

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Have you tried disconnecting

Have you tried disconnecting the usb plug from the printer when you want to print with the pc?

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