Installing OS 10.4 on a B&W

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Installing OS 10.4 on a B&W

hey guys!

I've got a problem. I'm trying to install OS 10.4 onto a B&W from some Powerbook G4 disks, and it just won't go.

I get an error "this software cannot be installed on this machine" when the installer starts preparing packages for installation. I've tried the workaround for machine types on the disk, but I don't think that's the problem.

I do have a USB keyboard, although it's not the original (the B&W was purchased without one, I used an old ADB keyboard I had). I've pulled all the "extra" PCI cards -- SCSI and USB 2 -- and tried just about all the combinations of ram I have.

It runs 10.3.9 just fine. I have an LG DVD RW installed, but I've tried a couple others with no better luck, although slower operation.

Any suggestions? This is driving me nuts, it ought to install just fine (I've got a spare drive in there with 35 GB of free space on the first partition).



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External firewire enclosure f

External firewire enclosure for the hard drive for installation via the Powerbook.

IIRC, the B&W, unfortunately, does not do Firewire target disk mode, I believe, although, I think think Coius or someone here may have achieved that once. A search of 'Fritter may turn up that thread.

I'm curious as to what the workaround for machines types is.

Hmm, it occurs to me now. You might not actually have a Powerbook, in which case, your situation is supposed to drive you nuts.

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10.4 will install fine on a B

10.4 will install fine on a B&W provided you have a non-machine specific disc and are not booting from SCSI. I've installed it just fine on an ATA drive on a plain-jane 400 Mhz G3 with 1 GB RAM.

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