Null Cable Modem from IIC -> HP Laptop?

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Null Cable Modem from IIC -> HP Laptop?

I know that this topic has been on this site for some time , but I had an idea , and I have never seen any posts on this. I have a HP Laptop with a serial port. I was wondering if I could make a null cable modem to go from my IIC my HP Laptop? Has anyone
had a luck getting this to work correctly with ADT? Since I pretty much do all my work from my HP Laptop , this would be awsome , due to the fact that it takes up less work space then my tower and what not... So if anyone has any suggestions of info , please let me know :O)



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USB vs. RS-232

It depends on what your laptop has sticking out the back of it. Mine, an IBM ThinkPad for example, doesn't have the 9-pin serial port on it (laptops typically stopped including those a few years ago). But the docking station I have for it does. See:
So, if the closest thing you have to serial ports are USB, you'd need another adapter in the middle. Folks have a lot of luck with ones from Keyspan, among many others. Keyspan's looks like this:

I have been able to succssfully test ADT and ADTPro with my laptop (and desktop) and my IIc. I've written up findings here:

One other thing to note. I had read elsewhere that the original (ROM zero) IIc had trouble going faster than 300 baud, specifically when talking to 1200 baud and higher modems. It turns out that my original IIc has no trouble talking to ADT and ADTPro at 115kbps to any of my computers, IBM and Mac.

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