Apple Disk II Write Protect Switch Over-Ride.

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Apple Disk II Write Protect Switch Over-Ride.

this may or may not be an old project for you guys , but i still remember back in the day , i connected a spst switch in my disk II drives , so that i had the capabilities of writing to disks that were not notched. this was not only a neat trick , but it made my personal library of disks look professional and clean. ofcourse this would not work outside of your place if some one else gets a hold of the floppy disk and notches it , but if you want all you floppys too look the same , the switch mod was a nice feature.... and ofcourse having a modified F8 rom was not to shabby either :O)

current system specs:

Apple II PLUS with :

Modified Non-Autostart F8 Rom [created by the freeze]
Pig-Font Character Rom
Mint Condition Apple II Color Monitor

Two many floppy disks too count , too many of them are being
transfered to .DSK for software preservation , before these floppy disks become un-readable.

See ya.