Behold The Computing Power (of a PowerMac 5260...)

Been a long time, but I'm back...

When I'm not fiddling with old computers, disrupting the smooth flow of the Internet or saving the world from impending doom, I'm an astronomy educator and writer. To be honest, I spend a great deal of time doing just that (it was my profession once). My interest in computing actually stems form my interest in space science.
Most of my machines are thus setup for varying degrees of astronomical computation, either drawing charts or grabbing images.
In the latter category are two of my older machines, my old Centris 650AV (Atalanta) and PowerMac 5260/100 AV(Sofia). It's Sofia that gets the most usage of late, if only for the reason that she is an AIO.
Hooked up to my two main video cameras (one is my first Supercircuit's color CMOS, the other a rather sensitive Samsung CCTV), Sofia is primarily tasked with grabbing images. These aren't great, mind you, but a quick look over at my Vagabond Astronomer blog, you'll notice that the old girl gets used quite a bit. And this from what is considered a serious Road Apple.
What's even funnier is the fact that I occasionally surf the web with that same machine. Not efficient, but it does work (with... ahem... Internet Explorer 5.1. Not my choice, but...).
It might not be the best solution for the problem, but it works.


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Greatest use for a RoadApple since fertilizer! :^)

Will have to thoroughly read through your (other) blog when I get the time.