How much for a 867 Mhz Powerbook ?

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How much for a 867 Mhz Powerbook ?

How much would you say a 867 G4 Powerbook would cost me on Ebay ?

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have you browsed around on eb

have you browsed around on ebay yet to see if any are available and for how much, and if its a buy it now or auction.

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If you're a registered eBay user you should be able to search "completed listings" for "Powerbook G4" and get a good idea of what they're going for. Are you fishing for someone to do that for you?


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I'll also take this opportuni

To quote the Applefritter AUP:

If your question can be answered with five minutes of research, it doesn't deserve a post.

I think you've started enough "how much for..." threads that by now you should have the knowledge to do your own homework.

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Check at Mac2Sell

Mac2Sell offers online estimates for used Apple Macs
The Mac2Sell service is free:

Cheers, Tom

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That depends on whether you'r

That depends on whether you're after a 15" or a 12". I paid $320 for my 12" about 2 months ago. However, since the MB Air came out, the 12" computers seem to have gone up in price. I would expect to pay around $400 for a good 12". Since the 15" is easier to come across and there are plenty out there, they seem to go for a little less. Maybe about $350+ depending on the condition. Those TiBooks seem to be either beat to hell or super nice.

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My PBG4 12" is worth MORE now

My PBG4 12" is worth MORE now that MacBook Air came out?

Well I guess it makes sense since so many people seem to feel the MBA is inadequate for their needs and the PBG4 is still Apple's only well-equipped ultraportable

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