A letter to Applefritter members that explains everything

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A letter to Applefritter members that explains everything

Dear Applefritter Members

I would like to apologize and take full responsibility for my actions here at applefritter. I used to hide behind my gf's name because I was scared of people finding out who I really was. Needless to say niesha left me over my past with applefritter which she was totally right in doing. I mean who would want to date someone like me. I would like to make things right with all the members here at applefritter. I feel horrible for what I have done. I don't like being the first hit on google when I type in my name. There are alot of people that I took from and I want to make things right with those people.. I know my credibility is shot. Ive been approached many times by people who have googled my name.. and it is rather embarrassing. an embarrassment which I deserve. I know there are many people who would like to kick my ass which I rightfully deserve. If it were me id kick my ass. I would like to personally apologize to Tom Owad for coming to this forum and causing untold misery to its members. What I would like is everyone who had dealt with me that hassnt contacted me yet to get a hold of me so we can settle everything. This eats me up inside which I deserve. I want to get everything straightened out. Its time for me to be a man about this not a little kid and hide behind someone elses name or run away from my problems. I need to handle this like a man. For those of you who do not believe who I say I am you can look at my myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/stevenmacgenius. For those who have lost stuff that I cannot return hopefully we can work something out. This is a part of my past that I truly and deeply regret. If I could take back what I did I would in a heartbeat.

This is my request

Members that have lost stuff and have not contacted me need to do so, So we can get things settled and taken care of. I would like to prove to everyone that I am making an attempt at making things right. I did try in my past but i was hiding behind my ex gf's name. Again I am sorry for the untold misery that i caused at these forums. Back in 01,02 when I was first a member here i actually read and used the forums for something other than being a scammer. I honestly dont know why I did it. I never got any real use out of anything that I took.

As far as the letter that Tom Bannon got to answer all your questions on that is. I was in the county jail for a probation violation. i only had so many stamps so I had mailed the letter to my grandmother and she mailed it to Tom Bannon. I made up the fake charge because I didnt want anyone to know that I was in jail for a sex offense. To clarify how i dropped off the face of the earth.. Early on August 3rd of 04 I told everyone i was going on vacation which was not a lie.. However the police had other plans for me. The state police showed up with my probation officer and told me that I was going to jail for a probation violation. I could not own any computers or devices capable of connecting to the internet. I had computers, a sprint cell phone attached to my mac and PC so i could get online. I had 3 rule violations. i dropped a dirty urine and got a speeding ticket. I was arrested.. Spent 45 days in the county jail trying to beat the probation violations. it didnt work.. The judge sentenced me to 16-24 months in prison with 6 months jail credit which I rightfully deserved for not following the rules. In the 18 months that I spent I was mailed a copy of the threads that were posted about me.. I had no way to contact anyone other than family.. I know my word is crap here.. But I am being truthful and honest and would like to make things right again. if anyone wants to contact me about this and about getting things settled please email me at landon dot stevent at gmail dot com. if there are any members in michigan contact me as well.

I am truly sorry about this


Steven Thomas Landon

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Considering the fact we've ha

Considering the fact we've had many, many discussions about this matter, and the high likelihood that this will delve into (yet another) flamewar, I'm locking this thread. Those of you who were scammed and want to take Mr. Landon up on his offer, please contact him privately.

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Doubt exists as to whether th

Doubt exists as to whether this post was authored by Steve Landon.

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