unboxing $2600 apple //c

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unboxing $2600 apple //c
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dude... sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Seriously, very very cool.

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Take a step back and decide i

Take a step back and decide if unpacking a new Apple IIc computer is worth $2400 ($2600 - high end ebay price of $200) is really worth it.

IMHO no....


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If it gives the buyer pleasur

If it gives the buyer pleasure - and I am convinced it has - it is worth it....
You only live once - the sellers life now includes the memory of this event, and am also convinced he will keep this Apple for the rest of his life, working or not.

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$2600.00 IIc (continued)


I think that that particular eBay event was one of the highlights for
2008. A brand new, never seen the light of day IIc. I've read most of the blogs on the buyer and his treasure. I just think that, if it were me, I would have waited at least a while before opening it up.
Hell!, what am I saying??? I probably couldn't wait. LOL

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Can you provide a link to the

Can you provide a link to the auction listing. It would be interesting to see how the seller wrote it up and how many people bid.

So are you going to keep it out of the box?

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Another Unboxing!!

Hey guys. A bit unrelated, but I just got a IIc for myself. It is arriving later on today (or so says my delivery status widget and fedex). It is not new in the box, but a complete unit with CPU, monitor, monitor stand, Disk //c, and a serial cable.

I plan on making an unboxing video, followed by a setup video on youtube, and I can share a link here if anybody wants. Should be fun.

-digital Wink

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