2 older notebooks, WiFi cards, router, old Palm

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2 older notebooks, WiFi cards, router, old Palm

$12 Cisco WiFi 802.11b PC Card, integrated antenna, just the card. 100mW power. Drivers downloadable from Cisco site.

$12 Cisco WiFi 802.11b PC Card with PCI slot adapter. 30mW power. Card sits flush with edge of laptop if used in PC Card slot but then needs external antenna.

$12 Generic-branded WiFi 802.11b PC Card with Prism 3 chipset, I think RaLink chips inside. Should be able to use RaLink drivers. Sits nearly flush with PC Card slot but needs antenna. Same type of antenna jack as on Cisco cards.

$20 NetGear 54mbps WiFI 802.11g/b router with power supply, CD, antenna and removable stands.

$50 Apple iBook G3/300, 'clamshell' style. No AirPort card but uses Orinoco Silver reflashed to Gold (for 128-bit WEP support) and stripped of PC Card housing, fitted in wher AirPort card usually goes. Works natively with AirPort drivers and utilizes stock antenna. Hard drive replaced with 4GB compact flash card and CF-to-IDE adapter, for lower power consumption, quieter operation, increased durability and less weight. Most of the interior EM shielding has been removed, mostly for aesthetic reasons. Lets you see all the 'guts' when the notebook is open. RAM upgraded with a 256MB chip added to the base 32MB. No good battery, but I've got three dead ones and a box of extra mostly-dead parts comprising most of another iBook clamshell. No charger included. Couple small cracks in plastic casing but doesn't affect operation at all. For some reason sound appears permanently dead but otherwise hardware works fine. CD-ROM does make some noise but no problems reading my discs. Also I've tried everything to get OSX to install but I couldn't swing it. Currently running 9.2.2. Price mostly is due to upgrades added. Also no power cord included. This would be great for a mobile internet browser if a battery were put in as I'm sure it'd get even better than average battery life running off the CF drive.

$60 Apple PowerBook G3/233, 'WallStreet' model. It's the revision-2 version with the L2 cache. Upgraded with 10GB HDD, 256MB RAM, Zcomaz 300mW 802.11b WiFi card and clumsily integrated antennas. Standard battery and CD-ROM drive. Battery holds 1 1/2 to 2 hours usually. Also has large artistic piece on top cover of laptop. Rubber has been scrubbed off of top metal piece and etched with lotus patterns, and white apple in the middle has had the white removed and a radiating eye put in behind it. Comes with 'brick' style power adapter. Has following issues: When connected to power cord, starts up fine. When disconnected runs off battery fine. After shutting down, most times refuses to start properly. Sometimes ejecting battery and reinserting fixes this, or swapping battery to other side, but usually not. Sometimes after swapping battery around then plugging in to start, a bus error is generated requiring one additional restart. I thought it was a PRAM battery issue, so I replaced it with a supposedly-good one, but same problem so maybe the PMU? I don't know really but I'll include the old PRAM battery in case it's still good. Currently running 9.2.2 and OSX 10.2.8. Once in a while booting into OSX the screen is goofy and requires one additional restart. Sometimes ejecting PC Card causes a few lines, requiring either sleep and wake, or restart. Tried everything to get 10.3 to install under XPostFacto but no go on this thing, oh well. No case pieces are missing, all the rubber feet are on. This would work absolutely fine as a home laptop, or maybe for outside too with some tinkering. And oh yes I forgot to add, the WiFi card didn't come with its own Mac drivers, but has been registered for unlimited use under OS9 and OSX with the MacSense AeroSense 'universal' driver.

$20 Palm m130 PDA with 16MB SD card. Runs Palm OS4. Comes with some apps and games and eBooks, cradle, cables, CD, power cord.

Photos of everthing that's for sale up at http://jdmcz32tt.winkflash.com/

Shipping included on WiFi cards, padded envelope USPS, to USA only.
$10 each on everything else, shipped USPS, and that includes tracking and insurance.
Everything ships from 97224 zipcode near Portland, OR.
I strongly prefer PayPal.

Any questions about anything just ask!