lombard g3 sees os 10.3 install cd as os 10.4

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lombard g3 sees os 10.3 install cd as os 10.4

OK,I'm tryin to install OS 10.3 on my lombard & wallstreet powerbooks.When I insert the cd
the box that appears on screen informs me it's Tiger!!Same thing on both powerbooks!I tried
the removing ram from top slot to no avail!I've also reset every thing!Anybody have any ideas??Oh yeah the OS was downloaded from torrent!It installed on 2 imacs;no problem!!Also
I'm a complete newbie w/apple!

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Well first off, Applefritter

Well first off, Applefritter doesn't take kindly to discussing illegal software, so unfortunately I don't think you'll see too much help with this problem here. Honestly there isn't a whole lot I can say aside from buy a copy of Mac OS. Used copies run pretty cheap these days, and you know the software you are getting is going to be error free.

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