Senior citizens need a better unit than webtv

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Senior citizens need a better unit than webtv

Does anyone know if there's a product on the horizon that is equal to or,hopefully, much better than MSN webtv? There are countless amounts of seniors who depend on this dated system which is constantly lowering it's standards and yet they keep the price the same. If there is a system out there, I'd love to know. I have so many friends who feel that could never learn to use a computer yet they could do more than they can on webtv. Anxiously awaiting any replies, thankyou, Sheila

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Splashtop-equipped ASUS computers and motherboards, plus a generic ISP (or public WiFi) and a web-based email and application system like Google Apps. Here's a preview/review of a Splashtop notebook.

Hypothetically something like this could be a *really neat* solution for computerphobic and low-income people out there to communicate on the Internet without having to maintain a "real" operating system, or even worry about having a moving part like a hard disk fail on them. Nothing to install or back up, just turn it on.

Of course, you can't use it on a TV (yet).


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