WTB: Asante Micro EN/SC Ethernet to SCSI Adapter

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WTB: Asante Micro EN/SC Ethernet to SCSI Adapter

A long time ago I bought a PB 180. It is a great machine. It has a good amount of power, and yet still has the older powerbook charm. Now that I am taking more of an interest in it, I am buying some devices to add to it. I bought a CD 300, new batteries, some software (MS office, etc.), and an external HD. But I am missing one thing. I have my other macs on the internet, why not the 180. Well I did some research and found this is the device that meets my needs and then some (running off ADB power, etc.), but also found out that they aren't the easiest to find. So now I come here in hopes that somebody will sell me one. I need the software, convertor (obviously), and any cables that I need for operation (I am not sure what I need exactly in that respect). I don't think I need the manual, but it would be nice. Give me a quote and I will get back to you shortly.

thanks very much