Disk I/O error when using the CATALOG command

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Disk I/O error when using the CATALOG command

The catalog command gives me an I/O error when I use "CATALOG D2" or "CATALOG D1" or "CATALOG"
I have 2 disk drives, one of which is "brand new" and has been tested by an expert on another system.
The other disk drive is also functional but has not been tested by an expert, it only boot up disks fine (most of the time)
The disk ][ controller is old but seems to work fine when used with a single disk. I have only recently used it with two disks

My system is unable to CATALOG even fully functional disks which boot up and run fine (like Ms Pacman, Choplifter)
The same system can CATALOG other disks (like DOS 3.3, Graphics Magician)
The problem occurs whether I CATALOG from the new D1 or the old D2
I have a 48K+16K language card Apple II non-plus.
What am I doing wrong?

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Cataloging disks

As far as I know, which I'll admit isn't much, you can't get a catalog of the files on disk that make up games like Choplifter, Ms Pacman, or any other game that is on a disk by itself, if you're trying to do it on either the original disk or a copy. The software companies didn't want you looking at the files that made up the game, they just wanted you playing the game.

If you've downloaded a disk image that has multiple games on it, like some of the "file" based disk images from Asimov, then you can catalog the disk and see all the files.


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catalog of the files on disk

As far as I remember, Magnus is right. You could not do a catalog on commercial disks due to the copy protection schemes. I seem to remember though being able to use either Copy II Plus and/or Locksmith to get into the catalog of a commercial disk.

Disks that I made for text files, etc. I had no problems.

You can try one of those and see what happens.

Good Luck!

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